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CCFC to Scholastic: Stop the In-School SunnyD Sugar Spree

November 8, 2010


Parent Urge Supermarket to Shelve On-Shelf TV Ads, Petition Food Lion to Pull the Plug on Planned 3GTv Test Run

October 13, 2010


Advocates Ask FCC to Stop Skechers Program-Length Commercial for Kids; Nicktoons' Zevo-3 Will Violate Children's Television Act's Ad Limits

September 14, 2010

CCFC Urges Supermarkets to Shelve Grocery Shelf TV Ads

August 10, 2010

Parents Demand End to Violent Happy Meal Toy Promotion; Action Figure Tells Kids, "It's Clobberin' Time!"

August 4, 2010


Parents to Nickelodeon, Disney and Cartoon Network: Pull the Plug on PG-13 Ads

May 26, 2010


Nickelodeon's Is Worst Toy of the Year; Promoting "Naughty Games" to Preschoolers Earns Gaming Site the TOADY Award

May 12, 2010


CCFC Honors Annie Leonard with Fred Rogers Integrity Award

April 2, 2010


CCFC to Disney: We Will Not Be Silenced; Advocacy group vows to continue its important work on behalf of children

March 10, 2010




CCFC to Nickelodeon: "Naughty" and Violent Games Are Not for Children;

Links to featured on Neopets, Nick Jr.  and other websites for kids.

December 16, 2009


New Report Demonstrates Food Industry Self-Regulation Has Failed; Junk Food Still Extensively Marketed to Children

December 14, 2009


Health Education Does Not Go Better with Coke: Advocates Urge AAFP to End Coca-Cola Partnership

December 10, 2009


CCFC's Statement on the FTC's Media Violence Report; FTC Confirms Violent PG-13 Movies Intentionally Marketed to Young Children

December 3, 2009


CCFC Urges Baby Einstein to Come Clean with Parents; Advocates Document Years of Educational Claims

October 28, 2009


CCFC Victory: Disney Offers Parents Refunds on Baby Einstein Videos

October 23, 2009


The Song is Over for BusRadio

September 28, 2009


CCFC Statement on the FCC's BusRadio Report

September 8, 2009


Parents to FTC: Don't Surrender Our Children to G.I. Joe

August 5, 2009


Statement of CCFC Director Susan Linn on FCC’s Proposed Inquiry into Children’s Television Rules

July 23, 2009


Transformers Marketing Still Not Transformed: CCFC Urgest FTC to Take Action

June 25, 2009


Parents Send Father's Day Appeal to President Obama: Protect Children from Corporate Marketers

June 18, 2009


Teachers to Scholastic: Don't Use Us to Market Toys, Make-up, and Brands to Children in School

May 19, 2009


Parents to President Obama: Unfettered Commercialism is Harming Our Children

May 12, 2009


CCFC Blasts New Hasbro/Discovery Channel Children's Network

April 30, 2009


CCFC to Nickelodeon: Did you approve the SpongeBob SquareButt Burger King commercial?

April 9, 2009


CCFC to Nick and Burger King: SpongeBob and Sexualization Don't Mix

April 7, 2009


Advocates ask PBS Sprout to Put The Good Night Show to Bed

March 11, 2009


Mattel’s Barbie Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Wins Worst Toy of the Year

February 12, 2009


CCFC to Scholstic: Put the Book Back in "Book Club"

February 9, 2009





Montgomery County Pulls the Plug on Bus Radio

December 11, 2008


CCFC’s Guide to Commercial-Free Holidays: Reclaim the Holidays from Corporate Marketers

December 2, 2008

CCFC to Toy Marketers: Leave Kids Alone during Economic Crisis
October 27, 2008


CCFC Expels the Bratz from School

September 17,2008


CCFC Praises Landmark South Carolina School Bus Ad Ban

September 11, 2008


CCFC to BusRadio:  Stop Promoting 90210 to Six-Year-Olds

September 2, 2008


CCFC Praises France Baby TV Ban; Urges FTC Action in the US

August 21, 2008


Advocates to Channel One:  Stop Marketing Prescription Drugs to Children

July 30, 2008


Statement of CCFC's Susan Linn on the FTC Report:  Marketing Food to Children and Adolescents: A Review of Industry Expenditures, Activities, and Self-Regulation

July 29, 2008


CCFC Urges Adoption of Republican Platform Plank on Marketing to Children
July 23, 2008


CCFC to FTC:  Whatever Happened to BabyFirstTV?

July 14, 2008


CCFC Responds to FCC Procedure on Product Integration

June 27, 2008


Coalition Demands FCC Action on Product Placement and Product Integration

June 19, 2008


CCFC Urges Adoption of Democratic Platform Plank on Marketing to Children

June 11, 2008


CCFC to MPAA:  Stop the Marketing of Violent PG-13 Films to Young Children; Ads for Summer Blockbusters and Related Merchandise Flood Kids TV

May 14, 2008


Burger King "Has It Their Way" with PG-13 Iron Man Cross-Promotions for Children as Young as Three April 23, 2008


The Case for Make Believe: A New Book by CCFC's Susan Linn

April 22, 2008


Morgan Spurlock to Receive Fred Rogers Integrity Award; CCFC Honors Strong Stance against Marketing to Children

March 31, 2008


Advocates for Children Decry Abercrombie & Fitch Naming Rights at Children's Hospital

March 11, 2008


Ronald McDonald Report Card Ads Expelled from Seminole County

January 17, 2008


Coalition to MPAA:  Stop Marketing PG-13 Films to Young Children

January 17, 2008




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