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This page contains articles about the sexualization of childhood. The views expressed in these articles do not necessary reflect the opinion of CCFC. Click here for articles by CCFC coalition members. Click here for CCFC Press Releases.  For press inquires, or to be added to CCFC's press list, please contact Josh Golin at 617.278-4172 or josh<at>




Today is the First Day of Kmart's Marketing Assault on Children
CCFC Blog, August 31, 2010

U.S. Pediatricians Decry Media's Portrayal of Sex
Bloomberg Businessweek, August 31, 2010

Mattel's Monster High: Twilight Meets Britney Spears
Brand Channel, August 16, 2010

Tween Beat (Fashion)
New York Times Magazine, August 15, 2010

Beyond Barbie: Mattel's Monster of an Assault on Girls
CCFC Blog, August 9, 2010

Retailer's Racy Catalog to Return
The Boston Herald, July 13, 2010

Playing at Sexy
New York Times, June 7, 2010

Graduating From Lip Smackers
New York Times, April 28, 2010

Retailers Pinning Hopes on Edgy Tween Fashions
Dallas Morning News, April 20, 2010

Primark Withdraws Padded Bikini for Seven-Year-Old Girls
Times Online, April 14, 2010

Cameron to Tackle Sexualisation of Children in Advertising
The Drum (UK), February 19, 2010

American Teen Girls Feel Pressure To Be Thin
Reuters, February 1, 2010

Nickelodeon Promotes Violent and Sexual Games to Young Children Family Computing, January 28, 2010


FTC Finds "Explicit Sexual Content" in Teen, Kids Virtual Worlds
Virtual Worlds News, December 10, 2009

Countering the Sexualization of Your Youth
Huffington Post, November 18, 2009

Trend of Sexy Halloween Costumes for Young Girls is Downright Frightening, Say Moms
The Patriot Ledger, October 27, 2009

'Sexing Up' Our Tweens
The Mercury, October 6, 2009

Children Feel Weight of Body Image, August 27, 2009

Is the Princess Stereotype Harming Our Daughters?
Times Online, August 4, 2009


Teen Pregnancies Tied To Tastes For Sexy TV Shows
Associated Press, November 3, 2008


Sexy Halloween Costumes . . . For Little Girls?
LA Times, October 27, 2008


The Pornification Of A Generation
Newsweek, October 7, 2008


Distributor Gives Bratz the Boot

Winnipeg Free Press, September 18, 2008


Robin Summerfield: So sexy, so soon
Calgary Herald
, September 12, 2008

Europe Takes Aim at Sexual Stereotyping in Ads
New York Times, September 10, 2008

Toxic Beverly Hills
Patriot Post, September 7, 2007

Watch out Hannah, 90210's back
KidScreen, August 26, 2008

Explicit Lyrics on TV Bombarding Kids

Red Orbit, August 10, 2008


Q & A: Raising kids in a sexualized society

The Today Show, August 6, 2008


Grade-school Lolita: ‘So Sexy So Soon’

The Today Show, August 6, 2008


'Gossip Girl' and Others Branding Sex in Ads

ABC News, July 29, 2008


Need a Slogan? Ask Your Harshest Critic

July 23, 2008


Food Firms 'Target' Network Sites In Novels for Girls, Fashion Trumps Romance

Sky News, July 16, 2008


Doll play survives in high-tech world

Chicago Tribune Newspapers, July 14, 2008


Pink Label: Victoria's Sales Secret

Advertising Age, July 7, 2008


To Build a Young-Adult Crowd, ABC Family Gets More Physical

New York Times, June 28, 2008


Drive to protect kids from sexy television music clips

Herald Sun (Aus.), June 27, 2008


Heelarius high heels for babies go on sale

Telegraph (UK), June 12, 2008


Camp couture: Summit offers fashion camp for girls

Voice Tribune, June 18, 2008


Stilettos for babies

Toronto Star, 6/13/08


A Film With Underage Fans Faces Marketing Issues

Wall Street Journal, 5/30/08


Child abuse expert says society becoming desensitized to sex

Associated Press, 5/20/08


Little girls gone wild

Salon, 5/20/08


Blogging Against Barbie

New York Times, 5/10/08


Commercials cause concern in the virtual Barbie world

Financial Times, 5/2/08


'The Hills' Is Alive

AdWeek, 5/5/08


Midlife could be bumpy for Barbie

Houston Chronicle, 5/1/08


Forget Miley Cyrus. Check out Disney's Chinese underwear ad, 4/29/08


Brewers Urged to Stop Marketing Beer Shirts to Young Girls (Center for Science in the Public Interest, 4/29/08)


'Sleazy' ad irks Parents Television Council (OneNewsNow, 4/29/08)


Report rips adult content in rap videos (Washington Times, 4/16/08)


French Bill Takes Chic Out of Being Too Thin (New York Times, 4/16/08)


For 'Gossip Girl,' Modesty Is So Last Season (Advertising Age, 4/11/08)


Personal care product marketers reach for a teeny edge (Los Angeles Times, 4/2/08)


Too Much Flesh, Far Too Young (The Canberra Times, 4/5/08)


Parents concerned about Miss Bimbo game (3/25/08)


When a Corporate Donation Raises Protests (New York Times, 3/12/08)


Cut Abercrombie name from ER, advocates say (Associate Press, 3/11/08)


Abercrombie Underwear Shop Plays Up Goods, but Not Its Own (Advertising Age, 3/10/08)


MGA Entertainment to Roll Out America’s Next Top Model Dolls (Worldscreen, 2/19/08)


Playboy is being marketed to pre-teens like Barbie or Bratz (TES, 2/15/08)


'CosmoGirl's' Pot Calls the Kettle Black (News Busters, 2/7/08)


Generation Diva: Pampering could give little girls the wrong attitude (Arizona Republic, 1/15/08)


Would Hannah Montana wear it? (Boston Globe, 1/10/08)


Barbie's off boozin' with the Bratz Pack (, 12/16/07)


Bratz Media Empire Grows (Video Business, 12/5/07)


Teens stress most over body image (The Sunshine Coast Daily, 12/4/07)


Taking the Axe to Unilever's hypocrisy (Toronto Star, 11/28/07)


Dove viral draws heat from critics (Advertising Age, 11/26/07)


Are young girls dressing too revealingly? (Good Morning America, 10/27/07)


Unilever shuns stereotypes of women (unless talking to men) (New York Times, 10/15/07)


CCFC accuses Unilever of ad hypocrisy (LA Times, 10/10/07)


Starvation diets of schoolgirls striving for supermodel size (Daily Mail, 7/24/07)


Body spray ads amuse, but do they offend, too? (Sacramento Bee, 11/6/07)

A company's ugly contradiction (Boston Globe, 11/5/07)

Lolita's Closet: Unbearably trampy back-to-school clothes (Salt Lake Tribune, 8/6/07)

More than a doll, baby (Philadelphia Inquirer, 8/2/07)

Too Sexy, Too Soon (, 8/01/07)


Are Bratz Dolls Too Sexy? (MSNBC, 4/11/07)


Marketing what? To whom?  (Houston Chronicle, 3/21/07)

Trash the plastic slappers (Bratz) (Courier Mail, 3/20/07)


Parents push to boot Bratz books from Scholastic fairs (CanWest, 2/28/07)


Message and the Media: Our girls deserve better (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/26/07)


As Pop Culture Targets Ever Younger Girls, Psychologists Worry About a Premature


Focus on Sex and Appearance (Washington Post, 2/20/07)


Why are we dressing our daughters like this? (McLeans, 1/07)


Cashing in on the tween dream (The Australian Age, 1/6/07)


Middle School Girls Gone Wild (New York Times, 12/29/06)


What's Wrong With Cinderella? (New York Times, 12/26/06)


‘Tweens‘ becoming the new teens (Associated Press, 11/25/06)


Psychologists push back against market forces and products that sexualize young girls (APA Monitor, September 2006)


No Escaping Sexualization of Young Girls (LA Times, 8/25/06)


Barbie Is the Least of My Problems, as a Mom (, 8/1/06)


Tweens and Media: What's Too Adult? (, 8/1/06)


Sexy styles beckon little girls  (Denver Post, 6/24/06)


Have the heirs of Barbie hit limit for risqué dolls? (5/25/06)


The Shrinking Childhood (Detroit Free Press, 5/13/06)


As Pop Music Seeks New Sales, the Pussycat Dolls Head to Toyland  (New York Times, 4/17/06)


Sexy media a siren call to promiscuity? (Reuters, 4/04/06)


Merchants of filth have worthy foe (NY Daily News, 4/3/06)


Backside of free speech (Boston Globe, 3/27/06)


Young Adult Fiction: Wild Things (New York Times Book Review, 3/12/06)



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