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Pizza Hut Launches Ordering Application On Facebook

Les Luchter
October 15, 2008

Pizza Hut has added the social network Facebook to its array of choices for delivery orders. It joins the mobile Web, text messaging, a desktop widget, the chain's own Web site, and of course, the telephone as methods for consumers to easily order their pizza pies, pastas, chicken wings and other menu items from the Yum Brands national chain.

The Facebook application, dubbed "Pizza Hut Interface," is accessible through a redesigned Pizza Hut Facebook page. The chain currently boasts more than 300,000 Facebook fans, and to lure more, on Wednesday it launched "Lotta Pizza Lotto." Any Facebook user who becomes a "Pizza Hut" fan through the end of the year will become eligible for the weekly prize of a $50 gift card.

Pizza Hut said it is one of only a few companies using a Facebook application for ordering food, and the only pizza chain to do so. Registered users will be able to browse the entire Pizza Hut menu without leaving Facebook. The application also remembers previous transactions for quick reordering.

"We are moving fast to put our online customers in charge," says Bob Kraut, vice president, marketing communications at Pizza Hut. "Any way they want to order from us, we'll be there for them."

Pizza Hut first offered national ordering from its Web site in June 2007, and added mobile Web and text options last January, and its desktop widget in May.

In other pizza chain online news Wednesday, Domino's announced its second weekly "Pizza Tracker Poll" results, with 82,400 online pizza buyers delivering such meaty morsels as:

Republicans are spending more money per order, and are more likely to use credit cards to order online and to pick up their pizzas.

Democrats like more variety, as they more often add side items and beverages to their orders.

In launching the weekly poll, which continues through Election Day, Domino's Chief Information Officer Chris McGlothin had stated: "This is our chance to determine if the stereotypes about political affiliations are deserved or if they're just myths."





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