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Kiwibox, Burst Media Launch Teen Network

October 29, 2008

ADOTAS – Teen social network Kiwibox and ad network Burst Media have banded together to launch the Kiwibox Teen Network, an online ad network designed for interactive marketers who want to reach teens.

The network will be comprised of a handful of teen-focused sites anchored by Kiwibox. Publishers will be able to share ideas, content, tools, partnerships and marketing opportunities across both the Web and mobile.

“This partnership is unique because we’re looking at it from both the publisher’s and the teen user’s perspective,” Mike Howard, Vice President of Sales of, told ADOTAS. “We have a huge variety of exclusive content, much of it generated by the teen users themselves. And Burst Media has a stellar sales team that will help us boost our position in the teen market.”

The company said that its new network gives brand advertisers an easy solution for reaching the valuable yet elusive teen audience in a single online media buy that provides comprehensive campaign management and consolidated reporting, while integrating a variety of interactive and engaging campaign elements.

“Kiwibox’s approach to building a network is spot-on and I am happy Burst is an important part of their efforts” said Jarvis Coffin, CEO and co-Founder of Burst Media. “Teens are a tough target to reach – they’re not only the ultimate media multi-taskers, but they’re also widely dispersed on the Internet. The Kiwibox Teen Network is bringing together great teen sites and firmly anchoring them under the Kiwibox brand. It is a quality approach that will give advertisers a targeted and highly efficient way to reach teens online with the creative advertising options necessary to connect with this important consumer group.”

So what’s next for Kiwibox?

“We just celebrated our nine-year anniversary as a company,” Howard noted. “We are confident that we’ve proved that we can effectively monetize this business model. Over the next two to three years we’d like to replicate what we’ve done with teens and apply it to an older audience.”

And in spite of all of the general atmosphere of economic gloom that’s descended in recent weeks, Howard thinks Kiwibox / Burst Media partnership is timed impeccably: “Burst Media has been a strong partner of ours since 2000 – this was a no-brainer when we started looking around for an ad network to partner with. It gives us access to larger media companies we wouldn’t have access to otherwise. And despite all of the negative news about the economy, the online ad industry is extremely agile. Right now, advertisers are looking at more than just reach – they’re looking at engagement. Which is exactly what our new network will provide.”





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